Believe or not, search engines and users respond best to content that is structured in a certain way. Bullet point lists and fragmented sentences just don’t win you points with audiences today. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can incorporate lists into your content, but you will be better off structuring you content along theseRead more »

For some, it may seem easy, but there is a certain standard to composing quality content for use on websites, blogs, news sites, etc. Unlike a newspaper, where the content has a defined space (the height and width of the paper), a web page can be (virtually) as wide and long as you want itRead more »

Writing, I mean writing for publication, has always been a difficult endeavor. Have you ever had the thought, “I should write a book about…?” You have experienced something unique, witnessed a special event, or had a very empowering experience? Any one of these could get you thinking about writing an article or book. Let’s assumeRead more »